Objectives of education and research in the Department of Earth Resources Engineering are to bring up earth resources engineers and to contribute to sustainable and environment adaptable development of mineral and energy resources. These resources are necessary not only for our daily life through supply of electricity, fuels for automobiles and industrial products, but also for supporting fundamental activities of various type industries. At the same time, development of these resources should be carried out with particular care of their effects on environment as well as its sustainability.

Our department consists of seven laboratories that specialize respective research field: Economic Geology, Engineering Geophysics, Geothermics, Resources Production and Safety Engineering, Rock Engineering and Mining Machinery, Mineral Processing and Recycling and Energy Resources Engineering.
This wide range of research field can cover technical and engineering topics occurs at respective stage of resource development starting from exploration, production, remediation, and recycling. However, our research interests extends to prediction of natural disaster such as volcanic hazards, utilization of ground heat, urban mining for valuable resources recycling and remediation of contaminated groundwater resources.

As environmental problems related to resource development have become one of the global issues, we need to promote cooperative work and research with overseas organizations and universities. From this point of view, our department is actively accepting graduate students from overseas and carries out joint research with overseas universities.

1.Economic Geology

Akira IMAI, D. Sc. Professor
Kotaro YONEZU, D. Eng., Associate Professor
Akane ITO, D. Eng., Assistant Professor
1. Geology for Mineral Exploration
2. Magnetic Hydrothermal Systems
3. Geochronology and Thermochronology for Earth Resources

2.Exploration Geophysics

Hideki MIZUNAGA, D. Eng., Associate Professor
Tatsunori IKEDA, D. Eng., Associate Professor
Toshiaki TANAKA, D. Eng., Assistant Professor
1. Geothermal and Mining Geophysics
2. Applied and Environmental Geophysics
3. Reservoir Geophysics and Geo-tomography


Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, D. Eng., Professor
Jun NISHIJIMA, D. Eng., Associate Professor
Mitsuo MATSUMOTO, D. Sc., Assitant Professor
1. Modeling of Geothermal Systems
2. Monitoring of Geothermal Reservoirs by the Geophysical Technique
3. Remote Sensing of Geothermal and Volcanic Activities

4.Resources Production and Safety Engineering

Yuichi SUGAI, D. Eng., Professor
Takehiro ESAKI, D. Eng., Assistant Professor
1. Mineral and Energy Resources Production and CO2 Storage
2. Mine Ventilation and Safety Engineering
3. Microbial Technology for Productions of Hydrocarbon Reserves

5.Rock Engineering and Mining Machinery

Hideki SHIMADA, D. Eng., Professor
Takashi SASAOKA, D. Eng., Associate Professor
Akihiro HAMANAKA, D. Eng., Assistant Professor
1. Support System of Underground Openings
2. Grouting System in Rockmasses and Backfilling in Pipe-Jacking
3. Full Mechanized and Automated Rock Excavation System in Surface Mines

6.Mineral Processing, Recycling and Environmental Remediation

Keiko SASAKI, D. Eng., Professor
Naoko OKIBE, D. Environmental Microbiology, Professor
Hajime MIKI, D. Eng., Associate Professor
1. Utilization of Biomass and Low Rank Coal
2. Resources Recycling and Mineral Processing
3. Environmental Remediation

7.Energy Resources Engineering

Yasuhiro YAMADA, PhD., Professor
Jalilinasrabady Saeid, D. Eng., Associate Professor
Arata KIOKA, D. Sc., Assistant Professor
1. Geothermal Reservoir Modeling
2. Two-Phase Flow in Geothermal Wells
3. Interference Test Analysis of Geothermal Wells