Earth System Engineering Course


Four-year course of earth resource engineering that is one of the courses of Earth Environmental
Engineering Department is prepared for undergraduate students. The course consists of lectures,
laboratory experiments, field works, internship program and project study. The lectures provide basics
of engineering, earth sciences for the first two years and of earth resources engineering for the last
two years. Special lectures are also provided on the subjects such as Environmental Chemistry and
Resources Economics by visiting lecturers. Field works include visiting geothermal power plant, open pit
mine, and smelting factory. Internship program is organized during summer holidays of the third year in
which each student is assigned to one of the field out of geothermal plant, oil field, and mine for
about two weeks. Some students will have a chance their internship in overseas. In the fourth year,
students are assigned to one of the laboratory of the department and need to carry out their own project
study that is supervised by staff of the laboratory. Students need to write report (thesis) and to make
presentation on their project.
Minimum of 137 credits is necessary to complete the undergraduate course.