Department of Each Resources Engineering

Master Course

Graduate school consists of masterБfs course and doctoral course. MasterБfs course of two years program consists of advanced lectures on Earth Resources Engineering and research project. Lectures are given in a class of relatively small number of student; 10-15. At the same time, a student needs to conduct his/her research project and write masterБfs thesis. In addition, a student need to obtain a total of 30 credits to complete the course. A student who has completed masterБfs program shall be conferred a masterБfs degree of Engineering.

Doctoral Course

Main objective of doctoral course is to complete research project in three years and submit doctor dissertation with new and significant findings. Another requirement is that a student needs to obtain a total of 10 credits to complete the course. Students can make it in a shorter period if he/she make good achievements such as submitting papers to international journals and being accepted.

Twenty doctoral course students from overseas are enrolled in our department as of 2004. They are from Algeria, China, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Iran, Nicaragua, Philippines and Vietnam,

Doctoral program for Special Course on Environmental Systems Engineering have started 2002. Those who are interested in this program should visit homepage to get information on this course as well as scholarship. Address of the homepage is,