Human resource developed in the program

  • Learning the wide-ranging knowledge of resource engineering
  • Abilities to design and manage resources development in consideration of international politics and economics
  • High international perspectives
  • Intercultural understanding

Curriculum for developing the global leaders in resources fields

This course aims to develop more excellent human resources in terms of the three following points: (1) to be internationally minded, (2) to be able to get an overview of the resource flow, and (3) to be capable of designing and managing.

Lectures provided in this course

In this course, students take the credits of Kyushu University and Hokkaido University. In Hokkaido University, 8 subjects on down stream sectors (Smelting, Recycling, Environment, Remediation) of resources development are provided. In Kyushu University, 8 subjects on upstream sectors (Geology, Geophysics, Mining, Processing) of recourses development.